Mahogany Obsidian Salt Blend



Mahogany Obsidian gourmet salt blend burst forth as a part of making a new batch of Euforia gourmet salts. As a precious stone, mahogany obsidian captures the expressive force of a volcano, and both the salts involved in this formulation are sourced from Hawaii, a landmass forged by these primordial forces. Salt crystallizes manifestation, and this salt, in particular, makes an irresistible addition to any kitchen.

This custom sourced salt blend features black Hawaiian lava salt, with activated charcoal and red Hawaiian Alaea salt, with volcanic clay. This course salt arrives in a fully compostable refill package, ready for your favorite grinder. (We highly recommend The Everything Mill from Kyocera.)

Enjoy the sister salt, Euforia, which has a slightly more robust profile than Mahogany Obsidian.

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